Raj Tents

As we kick start our summer season this year our inspiration for the events we are planing is Raj tents. I have long been a fan of this type of tent after spending many months in India. I think it’s a very subtle stylish look and compliments any setting. The smaller pergolas are ideal for a smaller drinks party.

As with anything event styling changes like fashion and we are constantly working with new ideas and associates.

Vietnamese cuisine is proving to be a popular choice among clients as it’s organic healthy. It’s very nicely evenly spiced leaving that perfect after taste.

Cocktails are the one thing that never seems to change and is always a request from our clients – it creates a great vibe at that special celebration and ensures a packed dance floor later in the night. At Amber Events we are lucky enough to have a team of talented mixologists from flair to molecular.

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Paula Yates
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